First Generation

      Mary Catherine MAYTHAM
      Spouse: Hubert John KIDD

1. Mary Catherine MAYTHAM , daughter of Albert Archibald MAYTHAM ( - ), was born on 24 January 1914 in East London, Cape Province, South Africa. She was educated at Roedean School from 1927 to 1930 in Johannesburg, South Africa. She was educated at Sorbonne from 1931 to 1933 in Paris, France. She was educated at Royal Academy Schools from 1935 to 1938 in Piccadilly, London, England. She was educated at London Central School from 1945 to 1947. She was a Flower artist. She married Hubert John KIDD on 28 May 1948 in Rondebosch, Cape Town, South Africa. She died of Congestive cardiac failure on 8 April 2001 in Cape Town, South Africa. She was cremated on 11 April 2001 in Maitland, South Africa.


Hubert John KIDD , son of Walter Aubrey KIDD (1852-1929) and Alice Harriet BENN (1855-1947), was born on 2 December 1896 in Blackheath, Kent, England. He was christened on 7 February 1897 in Blackheath. He appeared in the census on 31 March 1901 in Lewisham, Kent, England. He was educated at Uppingham from 1911 to 1915. He appeared in the census in 1911. From 1916 to 1919 he was a Royal Field Artillery. He was educated at University College "?1920-22" in Oxford, Oxon., England. From 1922 to 1930 he was an Assistant Master in Rondebosch. From 1930 he was a Housemaster in Rondebosch. From 1936 to 1943 he was a Vice-Principal in Rondebosch. From 17 April 1943 to 21 October 1963 he was a Principal of the Diocesan College in Rondebosch. He was described as "Physically he was a towering figure, eery inch a headmaster". His Probate was 'Not found 1963-65 -- no property in UK'. He died of Heart attack on 30 Sep on 21 October 1963 in King William's Town, South Africa. He was buried in Plumstead Cemetery, Rondebosche. He and Mary Catherine MAYTHAM had the following children:



Charles James Anthony KIDD (1942-2005)

Second Generation

      Charles James Anthony KIDD

2. Charles James Anthony KIDD , son of Hubert John KIDD and Mary Catherine MAYTHAM, was born on 28 August 1942. He was adopted in October 1942. He was resident in Portugal. He was educated at Bishops, Rondebosche, South Africa. He was educated at Montessouri School, Cape Town, Ssouth Africa. In 1963 (calculated) he was a Roadie. He emigrated to Portugal in 1982. In 1983 (approx.) he was a Landscape gardening in Portugal. He was a Golf-course designer in Algarve, Portugal. He had 0 children. He died of Lung Cancer on 22 September 2005 in Portugal.